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Australia Awards Alumni Workshop 2020

More than 70 Australia Awards alumni from South and West Asia gathered in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in January to celebrate

Cybersafety for kids

Consortium paves the way for kids Cyber Safety

The consortium joined hands with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs to launch an online learning programme to address the importance of cyber-safety among school-going children.

Ona Wadak Launch | Hatchyard

The client proposed a high-end corporate event as an introduction to Hatchyard targeting primarily the business world

How do you use event planning skills at your workplace?

It is important to recognize that in order to be successful and keep running smoothly, the working dynamic needs to change as well.

Setting up your event for success, a fundamental guide to event management.

Incredible experiences don’t just happen. They’re works of art, meticulously orchestrated months, perhaps years in advance.