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Tastyy hired Curative to manage their event presence as Platinum Partner for the Culinary Arts & Food Expo 2019

WHO: Tastyy (Pvt.) Ltd
WHAT: Culinary Art & Food Expo | Exhibition
WHEN: 21st – 24th October 2019
WHERE: Sirimavo Bandaranaike Memorial Exhibition Center
HOW BIG: 1600 Chefs, 300 Bartenders and 200 Exhibition Attendees


  1. Raise the profile of the client by curating 6 personalised stalls at the most prominent space of the hall
  2. Build branding elements across the venue including a 25-feet height and 45-feet width branding arch at the entrance, flags, x-banners, tv screens, and giveaways.
  3. Maintain public relations by reviewing speeches of Managing Director, CEO and Product Manager at Press Conference, Opening Ceremony, Cocktails and Award Ceremony respectively.
  4. Offer a central networking opportunity for award-winning chefs, customers, exhibition community and sales staff through a Cocktail event at the Shangri La Colombo.
  5. Create marketing content for Exhibition Partner Requirements, Website and Corporate Video.
  6. Train staff involved on how to manage exhibition of this magnitude, customer service, products, and public speaking.

The client sought to host a space that truly portrayed their status as a Platinum Partner through the various aspects of the exhibition. The tagline for the company was “your platinum partner” which needed to be captured in all of the branding event design.


  • Limited access time at the venue to construct the stall – Venue was handed over at 5.00 am and had to be set up by 3.00 pm.
  • Construction of stall within 1 week to match the approved 3d rendering of the design
  • Staff required to be trained to handle clients that walked into the stall space and given a hands-on guide for the days of.
  • Coordinating off-site cocktail event in the midst of the exhibition.
  • Design and produce all marketing material, build a website and coordinate content for 100 products, create a promotional video with 4 external parties within 3 weeks.
  • Train all staff within 4 sessions prior to the exhibition.


Having walked into the Tastyy Warehouse space, our team, of course, noticed the abundance of pallets. A more direct route to approach utilising wood finishes, Pallets are the definition of authentic design, which are again becoming more prominent in exhibition design.

Using this inspiration, we used a similar look to build wine case shelves, to tie in with the feel of premium branding for the products displayed. This resulted in combining the original authentic element of the wooden finish, with a higher quality treatment that produces a contemporary display.

Thus the wine cases were used to create a structure, rather than being stacked for product display. The cases protrude from the display, creating a multi-depth display, which when combined with screens & graphic displays makes a bright, spacious exhibition space.

We used the same method of displaying items at the cocktail night with red lighting across the room to build the brand colours of Tastyy when you walk into the space. Further, we brought in a DJ to suit the music tastes of the Chefs invited to play all night along and dance away their stress of the competitions.


  • Event & Production Management
  • Venue Source & Management
  • Sound, Lighting, and Audio Visual
  • Entertainment
  • Digital Media
  • Large scale print and branding
  • Exhibition build
  • Speaker and Staff training in management
  • Design & Corporate Identity
  • Corporate Video

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